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The Magic of the Summer Solstice

As the sun passes over the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth’s axis is most tilted toward the sun. At this time the Northern Hemisphere experiences the longest day of the year, between June 20th and 22nd. This year it is Wednesday, June 21st 2023 at 7:57 am here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The sun is at the peak of his power, warming Earth’s belly and heart, bringing all the love and nourishment she needs. The Earth is at her fullest, ready to bring forth abundance in her full radiant glow. It is the joining of this masculine and feminine energy that allows Gaia (mother Earth) to provide us with fruits, vegetation, nourishment, and abundance.

This is a time when we have the most light and energy available to us, all of us, no matter what we do or where we are. As the fire within us awakens, we are ripe for full physical manifestations. The energy of “doing” and personal power are bursting from our exerted will and beliefs of what will be.

Our power lies within our beliefs, fueling energy into action, eventually into physical form. It is where our action (masculine) meets our intention (feminine) that we achieve manifestation, which is a balance between the two.

While it is a time of vacations, barbecues, and other summer traditions, it is also a time to reflect, remembering that you can join in with a long history of cultural celebrations around the world.

  • In Central America the Aztecs and Mayans built temples and public structures to align with the shadows cast by significant astrological phenomena, especially the summer and winter solstices.

  • The sun rises between the stones of Stonehenge in southern England and is a favorite spot for rituals and celebrations.

  • Midsummer is a celebration of the summer season around the solstice. Dancing, feasting, merrymaking are all part of the celebration.

  • Many around the world build a sacred fire, gather herbs, and decorate the home in honor of the many gifts of the sun.

  • Yogic tradition, practicing 108 sun salutations is a meditative way to connect the mind, body and universe, especially when nature is undergoing a change.

The solstice is a time of celebration, but also so much more. It is a time of tremendous growth and movement along our path. As the sun lights your inner fire, it is a time to shape this energy into what you want to create with your life and to strengthen your spirit by directing your will power with solar energy.

In 2014, June 21st was proclaimed as International Yoga Day, to celebrate the practice of yoga and its many benefits on our mind and body.

Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, means to yoke or unify. In yoga we train the body and mind to observe and become aware of their own nature. We are unifying the internal energies to realize the true Self. If we can sit with ourselves and witness our feelings, thoughts, and movements, we realize that none of these things are us. We are able to change the living world around us as much as we are able to change our inner world. We plant the seeds in the subconscious and our inner power turns beliefs into action.

There are many different ways to connect with these energies.

Physically - Tuning in to the physical body makes one feel strong and alive. Take the time to consciously nourish your body. Move your body by going outdoors, getting into the sunshine, stoking your inner fire. Sun salutations are a way to give gratitude to the sun and your body.

Emotionally - take this time to reflect on what the masculine energy means to you, as it pertains to the world at large and to you personally. Can separate “positive” and “negative” qualities from the individuals who embody them, including yourself? Are you able to view this with more grace and less judgment?

Energetically - Consider the intention seeds you planted earlier in the year. How are they coming along? Look to the sun to illuminate the corners of your mind where you are holding yourself back. Set free the ideals and judgements that are keeping you out of your fullest brilliance. What can you let go of?

Rituals make the ordinary magical, by infusing the practice with intensity and soul. There are many simple rituals one can participate in to honor and celebrate the solstice.

Spend time in nature. Physically and mentally connect to these energies as they balance and bring

abundance to the universe.

Write down something that you’d like to set free, something that is holding you back from full manifestation of your dreams.

Meditate or concentrate on what you’d like to bring to fruition, what you’d like to renew or refresh or bring about in your life.

Get creative. Make a sun mandala from flowers, leaves, bits of nature. Create a crystal grid to honor the sun and your manifestations in the year to come. Make an altar of light using candles and summer flowers.

Take a trip to the beach, watch the sunrise or set.

Create a physical fire or bonfire to celebrate the energy of the solstice and to help ignite your inner fire.

We are excited to share this time and ignite the fire within us all!

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1 Comment

Wonderful writing. I truly liked the cultural information and the ways to connect! I want to get out into nature and write a thing down to get rid of! Thanks!

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