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Reiki and the power of energy healing

With the current state of the world, mental healthy often goes overlooked and can sometimes be the last thing we consider when navigating our lives. More often than not, we address the needs of those we love while neglecting aspects that directly affect our own personal mental health. How can we effectively contribute to the mental well being of others we love while hiding anxiety/mental instability behind a veil of happiness? The short answer is.... WE CAN'T!!!! In order to help others... (you guessed it) We must first help ourselves! In recent years many health care professionals have been taking a more holistic approach toward healthcare. A number of lesser know modalities have came to the forefront to aid western medicine and provide support in healing both mind and body. At Healthy Time Wellness Center, we believe wholeheartedly in the holistic approach and strive to help our clients improve all aspects of their mind, body and soul! Reiki is no exception to this philosophy! During our Reiki sessions we provide energy healing that aids in balancing your holistic health while channeling universal energy throughout your body. It has long been known that the power of touch provides healing aspects that are difficult to quantify, while at the same time providing an undeniable benefit to those receiving the touch. Schedule a time to experience this for yourself and you too can benefit from the healing properties of Reiki! Have a great day and stay healthy!

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