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Meditation during stress. It comes back to the breath.

Wonder why so many people are on yoga mats in meditation? Is there a connection? Yoga and meditation work together, yoga either can prepare the body for meditation or meditation can prepare the mind for Yoga. Yoga is more than just exercise. Yoga can be a journey, maybe to find yourself. Meditation can be part of that journey. It all really comes back to the breath, the very center of yoga, the very center of life itself.

As I sit here today, I find myself holding my breathe with all these stresses in everyday life. Job, bills, the pets, family. You name it. Then, I throw in the extras. Wearing masks, am I a safe distance away? Will I survive this pandemic? The balance of life is off kilter. Everything is off balance and I find myself clinching my fists. I hold my breath! That is where meditation keeps me in balance. It has taught me how to breathe in moments like these. Believe me, I have felt trapped, alone, miserable. Meditation pulled me out, but I did not learn this overnight. I had to keep doing it.

In this short series I will talk about different styles, benefits, how to prepare a space for meditation, tell you what meditation is and guide you through a meditation. Maybe this can keep you from holding your breath like I have been doing in those moments when we should be breathing!

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