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How do I overcome myself?

We all have things we face in our lives that challenge us to our limits. They have us question our value, our self-worth. I recently had a foot injury that had me question my ability to practice yoga at all, be able to teach yoga and be a good business partner. Simple things like walking were difficult let alone yoga. For the first time in my life I was having to STOP. I was having to ask for help with simple things like walking, house work and grocery shopping. Simple day to day tasks became difficult. If I couldn’t do these simple tasks, how could I do yoga? As I was healing from my injury my future as a yoga teacher grew dark. I began to question if I would be able to practice again. One bleak thought after another, each one making me question my worth as a business partner, teacher, and mentor. I was stuck. I was lost in a world of pain and defeat thinking I couldn’t do things because of my foot.

Pain will do that to a person. Make you think awful things. Bring you down. Make you second guess yourself. I started by changing the way I was thinking about my situation. My foot has nothing to do with me being able to teach. I can teach yoga, injury or not. I can still practice yoga. I just have to modify my practice. I can still be a good business partner. You see, my foot has no bearing on any of the above activities. My foot wasn’t the problem. I was. I had to overcome me. I was only thinking I couldn’t do these things. There was no reason I couldn’t accomplish my goals. I was self limiting. My foot was a catalyst to depression and lack of will but there was no real reason I could not break the barrier by changing the pattern of my thinking to a more positive one. Once I got past my self-defeating thoughts, I was able to realize I am valued and worth everything I put into teaching, giving back to the community I love, being a valuable business partner and finding my yoga practice again. I overcame my self.

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